Knobel, M., & Lankshear, C. (2014). Studying new literacies. Journal of adolescent & adult literacy58(2), 97-101.

In this article the authors give an overview of new literacies and their implications on K-12 education. The idea of new literacies is ever changing and a necessity for preparing children how the real world works and has proven to be successful in educating students and leading students to educate other students and receive constant feedback from one another. New literacies are able to encompass both novices and experts and create social situations that can be adapted to other parts of their lives. For this reason I really appreciate their description of new literacies as social practices (pg 98).

A lot of the article points out how new literacies function opposed to how typical classrooms do and what is absent in classroom and normal pedagogies taught to new educators. They express how changing literacy from print to digital functions completely differently and creates new possibilities. We cannot resist technology and realizing its potential and showing this to students at a young age will only help our work force in the future. I also like that they point out that writing is generally required for students for a, “hypothetical, generic audience” (page 99). New literacies opens the door to a much greater audience that may share the same interests or can learn something new that they didn’t know before.

As our class work has progressed I greatly question what potential educators are learning pedagogically in school and how that may need to change to adapt to things like new literacies and the ever changing landscape of technology in education. I like the ideas they present and how they use a real case study of a 16 year old who is thriving with new technologies based on a topic that many teenagers can relate to or want to learn about. We cannot ignore technological advancements and the fact that many elementary aged students have cell phones, tablets and computers at the ready in every setting except school. School is a great place to open student’s eyes to their potential interests and new literacies seems like a great way to incorporate this idea into education.


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